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Try before you Buy -- Photography Equipment Rentals

Jun 25, 2016 - 1 comment

Camera and Rental companies are in abundance in India, but the data is a bit skewed. The good news is, there is scope for more business! 

Photography is an addiction. It took me a while to teach my mother to click pictures using her smartphone. But once she got it, she would dish out blurred photographs and expect me to appreciate them. "Just there on the right, don't you see that brown colour? It is the same kitten I showed you the last time?..." Well, going by Mummy-logic, all of us would be the best of photographers. 

Soon, she got rid of the 'disturbances' and now feels that the point and shoot is the only limiting factor. 

But to think of it, all of us are like that. We outgrow photography equipment soon enough. And, there are times when we wish we had all ranges of lens with us--from macro to super telephoto. How difficult is it? It will cost us just an arm and a leg for the kidney would already have already been 'captured' in another 'body'! 

Why do I prefer to rent camera equipment? 

We all know why we see so many of them 'upgrading' their equipment every now and then. Let's join the bandwagon then? No? Okay then, read on. 

First, since all of us cannot be born into the family of or married to the Bill Gates of the world, we need the big daddies to be helping us with our hobbies. Rental companies are important.

Second, there are those richie-rich guys out there who scout for new launches and lay their hands on the latest photography equipment in a very smooth manner. We all envy them, don't we? But, for most of us, who think twenty times before picking a new pair of bathroom slippers, it is a different ball game. Many a times, by the time, I have had the courage to buy something new in the market, it has already been replaced or become obsolete. Please tell me there are more of my kind. Shouldn't we just rent, use it well in time and be able to atleast engage in some meaningful conversations in our photography communities?

Third, many of us are good photographers, we know it. However, we seek to make money through this art form. If you are a wedding photographer or a portfolio photographer, I suggest you check your return on investment between renting camera and lens equipment vis-a-vis owing it. 

The last tip is, Brent's Rule of Thirty Days.  Experts say that all you need to do is compare the following:-

Total cost of the equipment/30 days  
Per day cost of renting the equipment

You have your answers. 

There still would be that camera body that you would want to own or a lens that needs to be a part of your kit. For all those things, Thank God For Monday. 

Here are the rental companies in India sorted in a city-wise list. If we have missed out on your rental company or want us to update the list, leave it in the comments and we shall do that almost immediately. 

Check out the list here: Does your city have a camera rental company?

That gets me to the conclusion that there still aren't enough rental companies in India. Are any of the big daddies listening? 


Does your city have a camera rental company?

Jun 25, 2016 - 0 comments

Heading out for a long weekend? Pick up some equipment on rent to experiment

At times, equipment can be a limiting factor. We cannot purchase all the equipment that the camera companies manufacture but should that be a reason why we never get to test a particular lens or the latest technology?

In case you are still confused between renting and owing photography equipment, do check this out Should I buy or rent Camera equipment?.

Check out the camera rental companies in your city. Do let us know if we have missed out on any rental company. 

Camera Rental Companies in Delhi

B - 104 IIIrd Floor, Panchsheel Vihar
Sheikh Sarai - 1, 110017
South Delhi, New Delhi
Phone - 011 40817409
Mobile - +91 989.99133.44, 997.14023.34

Future Forward 
O-2, 1st Floor, 
Near Lal Sai Market, 
Lajpat Nagar - 2, 
New Delhi, Delhi 110024
Phone:011 4171. 9100



+91 966.74668.88
+91 966.74669.99


Camera Rental Companies in Bangalore

No 745, 18th Main
1st A Cross 6th Block
Bangalore 560 095
 +91 961.12345.28

Address: #359
2nd Floor, 16th Main
4th T Block, Jayanagar
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560041
Phone:080 2244 2211

#41, Royal Plaza, 3rd floor,
7th cross, 24th main,
JP Nagar phase 2,
Bangalore, 560078

Phone: 080 4202. 8493
support @

Progear Hire
#233, 3rd Floor, Above Axis Bank
Sampige Road, Malleshwaram
Bangalore - 560003.

#457, 6th Cross, 2nd Block, 4th Main, RT Nagar
Bangalore - 560032.
+91 948. 12151.95


Camera Rental Company in Pune

Tejas Eternity
No. 203 2nd Floor
Balewadi Phata, Baner
Pune - 411045
020 65780001


Camera Rental Company in Mumbai

+91 808.08059.15